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My Vision & Goals

Quality of Life

Protect and preserve our small-town feel and community character where people, neighborhood and family are valued and cherished.

Public Safety

The cornerstone of our Quality of Life, I will ensure we do everything necessary to keep our residents, our homes, our businesses and our city safe.

Fiscal Accountability

Employ my sound fiscal judgement to control spending. Ensure our expenses are prioritized to our vital community needs including controlling our growing, unsustainable, unfunded pension liability and maintaining aging infrastructure.

My Commitment on City Council

  • Protect Our Quality of Life
  • Public Safety of Our Residents and City
  • Fiscal Accountability to our Residents
  • Support for Our High Quality Schools
  • Economic Vitality
  • Inclusive, Transparent Government
  • Promote & Support Seniors’ Programs


Provide steadfast support to our relationship with MBUSD – a mainstay in our sense of community and values.

Economic Vitality

Continue my work with business owners, commercial property owners and resident groups to ensure the fairness and balance necessary to protect and nurture our local economy. This is critical throughout our city to ensure the scope and scale of businesses are appropriate and consistent with their location in our city.

Inclusive, Transparent Government

Encourage participation and support of our youngest to oldest residents to maximize the voice of the people.

Promote and Support Our Seniors’ Programs

Our growing older adult population requires and deserves continued programs for recreation, education, entertainment and transportation.

I pledge to represent our community, placing the public interest above all.

Respectfully, I ask for your vote.

Thank you

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