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Dear Neighbors and Friends

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

I am running for re-election to the Manhattan Beach City Council to continue protecting our small town community feel, our quality of life and better our city’s fiscal responsibility and sustainability. Our long-term history of spending nearly every dollar of revenue we receive is diametrically opposed to everything my business career has taught me. I will continue to oppose budgets that do not significantly address our growing unfunded pension liability, aging infrastructure and growing personnel costs.

We have much to be thankful for living in Manhattan Beach. But those assets are neither entitled nor guaranteed.  My vision, my focus, my work will be for you, to ensure we maintain and better this very special place we all call our home, Manhattan Beach.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Current Mayor and MB City Council member
  • 20-Year MB Resident
  • Local MB Retail Business Owner
  • Former Executive Boardmember & Treasurer, MB Downtown Business Association
  • Succesful 30-Year Results Driven International Business Executive
  • Responsible for $180 Million Business with 1,000 Employees Worldwide
  • Track Record of Fairness, Integrity, and Sound Financial and Business Judgment

I have lived in Manhattan Beach for the past 20 years and it is here where I met my wife, Kris Mackerer (a 38 year Manhattan Beach resident). Together we created and locally operate two specialty retail stores in the heart of downtown Manhattan Beach.

Before serving on City Council, I enjoyed a very successful career running both large and small companies. As Vice President and Group Executive of a major California technology company, I led a $180 million per year worldwide business, created a multi million dollar consulting division with operations throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific and served as a catalyst to transform that company from a product to a customer centric solutions business. My role took me to countries throughout the world and gave me the opportunity to work with and manage a diversity of talents and perspectives. Leading a team of nearly 1,000 employees in culturally diverse segments of the world honed my ability make the tough decisions… but most importantly with fairness, integrity, understanding and sound financial and business judgment. Two of the most fundamental tenets that have always guided my decision making are, “its not who is right, it is what is right” and “character counts”.

As your City Council member, I will again couple these guiding principles with my City Council experience, 20 years of residency and vast international business experience to continue to bring a familiar, strong voice to fight for what’s important to Manhattan Beach: our city, our community and our residents.

Throughout my personal and professional life, one thing has always remained constant — responsibility. Responsibility for vision, leadership, decision making, and service where you the customer come first, and most important … results — that lead to customer and constituent stakeholder success.

While serving on City Council, I have seen my 30 years of business responsibility and the associated skills and experience gained as directly transferable to my role in our city government. I do not believe political affiliation nor ideology should be the driving force when it comes to making important decisions for our city. Instead, I will use the same guiding principles and accept the same responsibility for success as I have done throughout my business career. The city, its residents and businesses are my customers, my stakeholders and shareholders. I will work tirelessly towards your well being and the success of our city.

I respectfully ask for your vote in this important election so that I may represent you on our City Council. I will help to ensure that the decisions we make today are not only right for today but also for the vitality of our great city long into the future. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you and listen to your ideas about our city and its direction. Please call me or email me with any questions you may have about my background or candidacy. Together we can make a difference.

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