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About Tony

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

I am seeking reelection to Manhattan Beach City Council. My continued commitment to you, our residents, is protecting our strong community values, our quality of life and ensuring the long-term fiscal responsibility and sustainability of our city.

I have lived in our great city for 20 years where I was blessed to meet my lovely and talented wife, Kris Mackerer, a 39 year Manhattan Beach resident. Together we have created three local specialty retail stores, 2 of which are in the heart of our iconic downtown. A former Executive Board Member of the Manhattan Beach Downtown Business Association, I continue to work closely with business owners, commercial property owners and residents towards a fair and balanced approach to an economically vibrant and residential friendly Manhattan Beach.

Living here for 20 years, I have many reasons to give thanks. Our city’s beauty and character, its culture, beaches and climate coupled with our schools, family focus and our strong sense of community are second to none. We are a jewel among jewels in the South Bay. But that position is neither an entitlement nor guaranteed. My vision, my focus, and my work will be to ensure we maintain and better our place.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Current Mayor and Member of the MB City Council
  • 20-Year MB Resident
  • Local MB Retail Business Owner with my Wife and Daughter
  • Former Executive Boardmember & Treasurer, MB Downtown Business Association
  • Successful 30-Year Results Driven International Business Executive including Large Corporations, Small Startups, and Successful Business Turnarounds
  • Responsible for $180 Million Business with over 1,000 Employees Worldwide
  • Track Record of Fairness, Integrity, and Sound Financial and Business Judgment

Before opening our two boutiques in Downtown Manhattan Beach with my wife Kris, I enjoyed a very successful career running both large and small companies. As Vice President and Group Executive of a major California technology company, I led a $180 million per year worldwide business, created a multi million dollar consulting division with operations throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific and served as a catalyst to transform that company from a product to a customer centric solutions business. My role took me to countries throughout the world and gave me the opportunity to work with and manage a diversity of talents and perspectives. Leading a team of over 1,000 employees in culturally diverse segments of the world honed my ability make the tough decisions… but most importantly with fairness, integrity, understanding and sound financial and business judgment. Two of the most fundamental tenets that have always guided my decision making are, “its not who is right, it is what is right” and “character counts”.

I will continue, as your City Council member, to couple these guiding principles with my 20 years of residency and vast international business experience to bring a familiar, strong voice to fight for what’s important to Manhattan Beach: our city, our community and our residents.

Throughout my personal and professional life, one thing has always remained constant — responsibility. Responsibility for vision, leadership, decision making, succession planning, performance management, community and public relations, and most important … results — that lead to customer, constituent stakeholder and shareholder success.

I will continue to apply these skills and experiences gained over 30 years as a business executve, and my past 4 years on City Council to serve you. I do not believe political affiliation nor ideology should be the driving force when it comes to making important decisions for our city. Instead, I will use the same guiding principles and accept the same responsibility for success as I have done throughout my business career. The city, its residents and businesses are my customers, my stakeholders and shareholders. I will work hard towards your success and well being.

I again respectfully ask for your vote in this important election so that I may continue to represent you on our City Council. I will continue to ensure that the decisions we make today are not only right for today but also for the vitality of our great city long into the future. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you and listen to your ideas about our city and its direction. Please call me or email me with any questions you may have about my background or candidacy. Together we can make a difference.

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